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My name is Dawn M Costello and I am currently the Director of Operations for FIS Boston.
I have over twenty years of banking and operational experience. I had a great leader who felt I had potential and mentored me while providing opportunities to advance my career. Over the past year our company has grown considerably and I have taken on additional responsibilities as well as increasing my staff by forty percent. My team services over two hundred clients and the business continues to grow. My many years of banking experience allows me to provide in depth knowledge of the industry which has assisted in retaining business and bringing in new clients. With internal and external pressures to reduce cost it became critical that all members of the team remain focused on the same objectives. I am very lucky to have a wonderful team who are totally committed to our customers. The two people who had the most influence on my career were David Berman and Sharon Burrell. A wise man once told me "you are only as good as the people behind you. I'm most proud of is that I followed my passion and I'm doing what I love. The financial services industry has changed over the years especially in the last few with more people moving to electronics. It's fun to look back and see how things hve changed. I have proudly served as a math tutor for the Boston Public Schools through Boston Partners in Education, Inc.
I joined NAPW because I thought it would be benefical for me to network with other professional women in the same industry.
My spare time revolves around my family and friends. I am currently involved with Make A Wish Foundation, Angel Flight and various cancer walks. My hobbies and interest include reading, boating, hiking, photographing old churches and the creative arts.

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