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When Darla Crowell sees a United States flag waving in the wind, she does not take it for granted. As a mother of a sailor, she firmly believes in the men and women who serve in the military and tries to appreciate their ultimate sacrifice so that other Americans can live freely.

As Human Resource Manager for the Kansas Leadership Center, Crowell is certain this type of civic leadership is essential for all Kansans.

Crowell worked for the Kansas Health Foundation (KHF) as program associate for ten years and made the move to the newly-created Kansas Leadership Center because of the unique opportunity to work in the area of civic leadership. Her involvement with the Center began three years ago during KHF’s initial planning meetings, even before the leadership organization came to fruition.

“I am a curious person by nature and will tackle anything I’m faced with,” she says. “This is an opportunity to really step outside my comfort zone to learn more.”

Crowell is learning about leadership transitions first hand in her hometown of Newton. She sees young people stepping into community and volunteer roles, something much less common during her youth.

Taking on projects is old-hat for Crowell, who enjoys her volunteer work tutoring elementary school children, the local mentoring program with the school system, or event planning. She is a licensed foster parent and was responsible for starting a local chapter of the Blue Star Mothers, a group who supports those with children in the military.

When asked if she considers herself a person who leads others, Crowell hesitates.

“I don’t think of myself that way but rather a giving person,” she says. “I find great pleasure in helping others and always find there’s somebody who needs more than I do. It’s difficult for me to meet people but I try to push myself to do it and am always glad I did.”

Crowell is excited to be part of the Center because it’s an organization that truly cares about Kansas communities.

“The Leadership Center is here to teach and show us all ways to bring something extra to our communities and neighborhoods,” she says.

Crowell is the mother of twin children, Morgan and Tyler, 30 and daughter Hannah, 28.

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