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Daphne Adams is President, Co-Founder, and Principal Shareholder of USA Premier Capital. USAPC is a leading real estate investment company serving savvy investors. The strategy of the company is to invest in highly discounted houses and notes that have instant equity while providing private lenders a secured, passive, annualized interest on the discounted homes and mortgage note investments. She also co-authored the book “Invest Like The Top 1%”. The purpose of the book is to give others the tools that will enable them to live like others can’t.

Daphne has been investing for over 20 years with residential real estate and mortgage notes becoming her primary focus in this decade. Her initial experiences were gained thru “trial and error” but she has received training in multiple facets of Real Estate by the best mentors in the country. Daphne understands the value of continuing to educate and improve herself while developing her craft. She feels this is important to be able to provide the best value to others.

She recently completed an apprenticeship with one of the top real estate investors in the nation. Only a chosen few are allowed to apprentice (not just train) with this mentor, for which a lengthy application and interview process are required. This training has led to Daphne completing over $500,000 in real estate transactions in the last 60 days.

As President and CEO of Best Housing Solutions, a property acquisition firm, Daphne and her team have the knowledge, connections, and resources to find properties, design the end product, manage contractors, and make a profit in any economy. Best Housing Solutions analyzes each of the financial aspects of the deal and rehabs houses so that they are cost effective and appealing to the buying public.

Although she is not using her CPA license actively, the skills attained in this achievement and passing the Series 65 exam (understanding related laws, regulations, ethics, retirement procedures, portfolio management strategies) play exceedingly well to her current Real Estate practice. The Series 65 is required by most US states for those who act as investment advisors.

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