Dannette Fulcher, MSN, RN

Sr. Lead Clinical Care Coordinator

About Me

My name is Dannette Fulcher, MSN, RN. My professional title is Registered Nurse,Sr. Lead Clinical Care Coordinator Nurse with Heathway's /Sharecare.

A mother of two who strives to live a life based on integrity, respect, love for others, and Helping Others Preserve Every day.
Her oldest is 33 and her youngest is 15, despite stereotypes and statistics she’s an ambitious leader and continues to prosper. Ms. Dannette Fulcher has been a Registered Nurse for over 17 years, beginning her career in 1997 working for a local trauma hospital. Recently completing her Masters of Science in Nursing with an emphasis on Informatics.
Her background in health care is extensive, ranging from endoscopy tech, patient care tech, unit secretary, Medical surgical, oncology, cardiac, and infusion nursing. The most recent focus is on Community and Population Health. Currently she works as a Case Manager, Sr. Lead Clinical Care Coordinator and an adjunct clinical instructor for Bowie State University.
Family is important in her life, weekly she visits her 88 year old grandmother who remains the rock of the family. One day she will learn a foreign language as it may be an asset with new career paths. Her professional goal within the next 5 year is to own an assisted living facility that will provide quality service with a human connection. Personally, she would love to learn how to knit and crochet so she has something to do when she looks out into the ocean from her rocking chair.

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