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Dr. Dahlia Haynes has her PhD in chemistry, Her professional title is postdoctoral Research Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, which specializes in higher education and is a global research University. She received my Ph.D. in Chemistry from Clemson University, South Carolina and her Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry and Math from HBCU - Claflin University, South Carolina. She is currently involved with The American Chemical Society, The Young Chemists Society, and The National Organization of Black Chemists. Her hobbies and interests include reading, fine dining and travel. She is passionate about charitable organizations such as implementing an outreach program for high-risk k-12 students.

She is a highly motivated, passionate, and distinguished Synthetic Organic/Polymer Chemist with an emphasis on Applied Materials Science. Expertise in both monomer and polymer synthesis for nanostructured materials in organic electronics and film and fiver applications in renewable resource technology. Practiced in conducting research under a sustainable energy platform with emphasis on the self-assembly of nanostructured materials and in the area of renewable resources polymer technologies. Published research 14 times, including a co-author of two book chapters; holder of 2 U.S. patents; and, presented research findings 31 times at conferences and universities. Experienced in drafting research reports, grant proposal writing, book chapters, and science journal publications. Dedicated to providing leadership and mentorship to colleagues and students. Seeking a challenging opportunity that will foster career growth.

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