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Cynthia is a native of Louisiana. She resides in Dallas, Texas. She trademarked the phase “Love Life Again!” She says, in our busy world we all have our have ups and down. Many people exist just to live, but how many people actually love life (life without things and stuff). Something that make you say... Cynthia is the author of a book called "This is Crazy- A mother's Heart"

Cynthia has worked in various industries: Real Estate, Banking, Retail, and Oil and Gas. She uses her skills in management, team building, organizational, problem solving, and as a team player to empower and motivate others to pursue their goals and purpose in life. She encourages collaboration, she says we can do more together. Cynthia, believes we do not have to do it all, just do our part.

She is the founder and Director of Women Empowering Women for the Next Generation (WEW, INC.) Ministries. It is a faith base 501c(3) nonprofit organization that offers self-help, spiritual renewal, and enrichment programs for women.

She is a businesswoman, a licensed Realtor, a minister, teacher, speaker, conference host and one who seeks to make a change in the lives of people by being transparent with her life for the Kingdom of God. She says, if she can change one life, and that person help to change another life and so on. The world is being changed one life at a time.

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