Cynthia Martin

CEO, Speaker & Soul Empowered Success Coach

About Me

With a 22-year career in marketing, sales and product development in the corporate landscape, a lifetime as a serial entrepreneur and personal development junkie, Cynthia brings a holistic and practical approach to empowering her clients to unleash their highest potential in mind body and soul for real world results.

Her passion is empowering impact driven women to achieve their success goals by overcoming obstacles hidden at the subconscious levels of the body and mind, maximizing their effectiveness and creating balance in relationships, business and personal growth by better understanding and living according to their unique success blueprint and abundance design.

Her secret weapon to creating accelerated results for her clients is her ability to identify and heal the subconscious blocks that hinder their full potential so they can begin to heal and improve their health, relationships, further their businesses or careers and live purposefully using an integration of effective hypnotherapy techniques, bioenergy medicine, and intuitive coaching which create accelerated positive results every time.

Cynthia also loves being part of the growing tribe of heart centered, Conscious Women that have awakened to an insatiable desire to discover and fulfill their highest calling so they can leave their mark on the world and leave a better place for her children and all the future generations of children as our legacy.

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