Cynthia Giuffria

Emerge Unlimited | Certified Health Coach

About Me

Cynthia Giuffria, Certified Health Coach at Emerge Unlimited has an exceptional understanding of the importance of having or being a mentor and motivator.

Helen Keller, one of Cynthia’s favorite motivators to draw upon for inspiration, says
“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul is strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved."
Suffice it to say that Cynthia’s own life has been noisy! Yet through much adversity she has chosen a personal transformation in strength and grace, gathering and honing skills, leading her to find her true life purpose. She truly loves helping others experience their own transformation! Long having an interest in naturally attained physical and mental Wellness, and believing in the bodies ability to be well or heal itself has led to an education with Institute for Integrative Nutrition and C.A.R.E. Through this devotion and knowledge, Cynthia is able to assist her clients by guiding them to better their life by finding their own bio-individuality regarding nutrition and emotional release. She also brings, the strategic focus, vision, and mature judgment gained from her many years as a successful business entrepreneur in other fields of experience to her Coaching practice.
The “whole” body is brought into wellness by enhancing each area of living. “I invite my clients into a higher state of self-awareness. Utilizing certain techniques to clear the body and soul of toxicity allows one the freedom to truly “know thyself” and Emerge Unlimited.”
She currently lives on a farm in a beautiful rural area of NE Ok with her family. Hobbies and interests include reading, photography, horses, travel, art and gardening. She has been a stable fixture in her community in various capacities. This has been a source of great joy. Cynthia’s belief in uplifting those around her through information, education and spreading awareness of emotional possibility, allows her to gift them with a number of tools for healing not only themselves but indeed the community at large. She shares this great passion through lively keynote presentations, and speaking engagements, also offering Group and Personal Coaching Programs
Helen Keller also said “Life is a daring adventure or nothing"
Let’s begin YOUR transformational Daring Adventure together!

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