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Hi my name is Cynthia Dyer ,I am a distributor with " cilibydesign " . We are a health & wellness company. Our flagship product is cili (swish)) which is a daily nutritional supplement that contains a 50/50 blend of whole plant cbd & cbg along with a proprietary blend of over 90 pharmaceutical grade ingredients containing vitamins , minerals ,nootropics , electrolytes and primary adaptogens .. Key ingredients: methylsulfonylmethane (msm ) boswellia, , serrata, ashwaganda, corydalis curcumin, yashusuo , sarsaparilla rhizome and resvertrol . Our products are affordable and doctor approved. We are bringing health & wellness back to the world. "cilibydesign " is revolutizing the cbd industry . We also have cili cbd sprays with aquaceutical cellular nutrition you can feel the difference . These sprays are fast acting and has a 99% absorption rate and is convenient to carry ,they are affordable , it is cellular nutrition, zero thc eu organic whole plant hemp oil pharmaceutical grade , doctor approved and lab tested. " cilibydesign advantages " 99%absorption rate ,ultra pure water, no artificial ingredients, non gmo , fast absorption , lab tested, no heavy metals, pesticides ,mold, microbes, zero the in our products ".Disadvantages of oils " Only 10% cbd is delivered with oil 90% is wasted ,Oil must be digested ,does not go directly into the cells. The liver cannot process large concentrations of oil. Over time it can cause the liver to become toxic. Please check out my website Contact info.(713) 376 7255

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