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Dedication to one of the oldest professions with the goal to bring innovative approaches that align with modern technology and global diversity. My experiences in life, education advancement contributed to professional growth and development from my first job as a Cashier in a supermarket, Pathmark, to Supervisor at Starbucks and Office Manager at a construction company to the Garment District.

Social Service chose me as one of my earliest memories was trying to help my twin brother cheat on our first grade exam because he was dyslexic and got caught...or helping my mom and sister battle their addiction to drugs by making sure they went to their methadone maintenance programs so they would not use street drugs, but sadly, both died by the time I turned 25 years old.

When I became a Case Manager, it felt like home as I was that child and had lost a parent to drug addiction-- but it did not mean my mother was a horrible person that should have been treated without dignity or respect. All of the people I worked closely with or advocated for made me feel just as human as I did them and it did not change even as a Supervisor, training new Case Managers to have the same tenacity and compassion as all are human and should be treated with positive regard unconditionally. Most of my professional experience were with at-risk children/youth and families in the Bronx with involvement with active ACS and Family Court involvement.

Spearheaded the facilitation of birth parent support groups for two years as an identified need at the agency based on a small grant and pure fascination of group dynamics in a myriad of arenas.

My goal is to focus on empowerment and active participation of the family as a whole, especially for issues such as substance abuse and mental health as the effects can be reciprocal and life altering.

Now I am a Therapist and writing a self-help book about my journey and the importance of valuing people, releasing the stigmas and stereotypes of what and how crazy looks. Please! It can be you, the one least to admit it but I am more afraid of that..the first to admit it, seek help and does the work is bravery.

I build real relationships that require positive honesty instead of perpetuating this fake culture of using the pink elephant in the room as interior decor...ugh! Walk side by side as a fellow traveler on a journey for self improvement and the betterment of humanity or stop casting stones. A license does not mean your glass house is unbreakable.

My strongest attribute is my ability to be genuine, and treat with unconditional regard for self determination and free will.

I am so grateful for my self journey and continue to strive to be and love myself and help others do the same. I love innovation and different approaches for change, like a composer of music..,because this work is an art, particularly with the use of motivational interviewing strength-based assessments and true advocacy.

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