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CEO - Total 180

About Me

My name is Connie Head. I am an entrepreneur, health and wellness coach, certified personal trainer, registered nurse, and public health nurse specializing in; nutrition and fitness goals, nutritional education, weight management, and healthy living. I am passionate about inspiring others how to live a healthier life through improved nutritional cleansing. I show people how to obtain more energy, mental clarity, sleep better, decrease their body fat, gain lean muscle, and experience renewed vitality, and in the process, earn residual and passive income. We are not in the business to "get people".... We are in the business to attract "like minded" people and simply offer them a solution.

I am the CEO of Total 180, a Registered Nurse, network marketer, Health and Wellness Coach, and 1 Star Chrystal Executive with Isagenix International. I received my B.S.N. from University of Phoenix.

For me, it is a joy to work with like-minded individuals and offer them a solution to reach their goals while improving their health through nutritional cleansing/cellular replenishing, nutritional counseling, and wellness coaching. It’s truly about getting into a person’s heart, serving them, and making them feel like they matter.

I specialize in working with health professionals, personal trainers and individuals, assisting them to build substantial income by incorporating nutritional solutions into their current established practice.

My leadership skills have helped me to quickly rise to become a Chrystal Executive in our company. My goal is assist others in changing their lives both physically and financially in the health and wellness industry. It is important to have a large network which can help build visibility, connect with influencers, and open doors for new opportunities. Building and nurturing a network is one of the most powerful things you can do to support your career advancement. You network is your net worth!

Isagenix is a multilevel marketing company that markets dietary supplements and personal care products. Their products focus on filling our bodies with the micronutrients we are desperately missing from our diets and providing high quality products as close to nature as possible. Are products are free of artificial colors, sweeteners, and dyes - only using un-denatured whey. We provide a variety of products and solutions to meet the needs of our clients - Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Kosher, and NSF Certified.

Our no-compromise approach to health and wealth generating opportunities help thousands achieve their dreams. With Isagenix, I have learned that I can have it all by doing what I love. This is why I love this profession. The more you love the better it gets.

My WHY in life are my two amazing boys, Caolan and Shaughn, and my ‘Mr. Wonderful’ of a husband, Tom.

I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as Make a Wish, American Cancer Society, YMCA and Young Life. My hobbies and interests include running marathons, traveling, and theatre.

If you are interested in health and wellness, living your dream life, coaching others, and financial freedom, please check out my website or contact me at

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