Claire Roubal

About Me

Hello! I'm Claire Roubal. President of The Dinsdale Group L.L.C., a business and marketing consultancy headquartered in Palm City, Florida. I am not currently accepting new clients at this time due to my commitment to Paul's Engineering, Inc. and their launch of The Smooth Operator®, a project that I am passionate about and have been dedicated to since 2011. The Smooth Operator® is a newly patented, non-invasive, scientifically proven cellulite reduction device for home use. No magic, just good science!

Outside of work, I'm a student of dressage and Pilates; passionate about food, travel, and continuing education, and cars; my favorite app is Headspace; and, my husband, Paul, is my biggest cheerleader and my partner in crime - I'm truly blessed to be married to and have the support of such an amazing man!

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