Cindy Brown

Founding Partner Brown Welch McAllister, LLP

About Me

I am a founding member of Brown Welch McAllister LLP, a financial agent of change and mentor to the serial entrepreneur. I lead the group in charge of business growth and strategy. My areas of expertise include all aspects of managing the life cycle of a business - from inception to divestiture.

I spent decades in corporate America as a senior executive at Blockbuster Entertainment Group, Cadbury Schweppes, Dr Pepper, Seven –Up, Coca Cola and James River Paper Company. In addition, I was a founding member of a dot com incubator that provided all levels of support for internet based emerging companies.

My expertise includes, but is not limited to finding appropriate funding solutions,development of strategic plans, development of dashboard reports for management and boards of directors, internal controls, accounting systems conversions, accounting and operational process improvement, and design of grant and fund accounting within financial systems.

I am a known expert with medical practices, services companies, and technology start-ups. I have deep expertise in operational process improvement, development of key performance indicators and strategic planning.

I have served on numerous boards of directors of both public and private companies. I have more than 35 years of experience in corporate finance, operations and management, with an emphasis in Global 1000 consumer product's, health care and entertainment companies.

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