Cindy Brown

Owner, Dedicated Care Always Nearby

About Me

My name is Cindy Brown. I am an Advocate for Seniors, Owner of Dedicated Care Always Nearby, located in Jacksonville FL. I assist our senior population to continue to thrive where they are or assist them with changes as necessary. DCAN is the hub, advocating for clients in all aspects of living, be it paying bills, getting an exterminator, assisting the physician to work with Home Health, or even a plumber! We see our clients weekly and communicate with their other professional advisers i.e. Physicians, Brokers, CPA and the list goes on, as well as the family.

My passion for seniors and love of numbers join together to allow me to be an exceptional advocate - per my clients! I know the struggle to find help is a difficult one, we're here and we do "the paperwork of life". Just as each person is unique, our services are personalized to each individual. We are Advocates for Seniors, we will help you navigate through this stage of life. We understand that there are new challenges as life progresses. We are a family business that knows how important it is to take care of family!

If you or a loved one is looking for some help, give us a call or email. One of our Advocates will be happy to meet with you, often the same day!

We are finding many "children" being squeezed between parents and family - talk to us and we will help you with a solution!

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