Christina Steiner

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About Me

My name is Christina Steiner. I'm a published writer of illustrated children's books, short stories, and poems. Other skills include copy writing, journalism, editing and proofreading. I spend time researching a specific topic at length in order to find a new angle to a story or article. Many of my hours involve reading copious amounts of books of all genre.
I received my Associates Degree in Social Behavior at Moorpark College. Previously, I graduated from the Fachschule Goldau, Switzerland as an professional drafts person and worked for many years in the architectural field. I'm a member of The Professional Writers' Alliance since 2013 and The Conejo Valley Writers Club.
My specific interests and passions involve nature, humanity, and animals.
In my free time I ride horses, help my partner make wine and breed Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. I explore the world around me while hiking with my dog or riding my horse.

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