Chrissy Cook

Entrepreneur / Small Business Owner

About Me

I've spent the majority of my professional career working for Corporate America within the healthcare industry. I've served in many different roles, which include: Project Manager, Account Manager, Client Manager, Senior Business Analyst, Customer Service Center Supervisor, and Provider Relations Representative.

It wasn't until I became the primary care giver for my Nana, a.k.a. "My Little Lady" that I realized my true passion for helping others and especially the elderly. On my journey as Nana, care giver, I was forced to learn the ins and outs of our Nations long-term care facilities and overall industry. It was during this 7 year journey, I came to the realization, the two of us were placed on this path to overcome adversity, gain knowledge and strength from one another, and one day make a difference.

My goal is to share what I've learned professionally and personally with others, in hopes it may help them through the their journey in life.

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