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Tiny Diamond Homes, takes protecting the family's heart to the next level! Only a diamond has the strength to endure the unique stresses of the road. Imagine thousands of miles of hurricane force winds and earthquake shaking trying to rip the tiny home to pieces but can't. It takes a master to design, cut, and frame a tiny home that continues to sparkle for generations.

Experience and skills are earned by holding the tools and touching the wood, having the drive to solve unique challenges and grow with each finished project. Our company listens, getting to know the families we build for, to help their dream sparkle with quality and strength for generations to come.
Founded in 2009, by master carpenter Steve Coates and Cheryl Coates, Tiny Diamond Homes is leading the way with tiny home innovation, integrity, construction, and design. With construction experience dating back to 1981, Steve has built over 1 million square feet of construction projects over the years. Tiny Diamond Homes builds dream homes that are meant to provide a liberating, sustainable, and safe lifestyle.

Our Tiny Diamond Homes trailers are now available for purchase in varying sizes with or without a gooseneck. We designed our trailers to protect the homes they carry with their clearance, suspension, capacity of axles, steel, tongue and jack. Supported steel to the full 8'5" where our patent pending attachment system ensures trailer and home bonded for life.
We offer consulting services and soon will be teaching a series of seminars taking those wanting to build their own a stage at a time. Call us, send us your design, and we will guide you or build it for you! Thank you!

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