Cecilia Wloczewski

About Me

Ceil is a transformational creative services leader who adds value to company bottom lines through a rare blend of creative and organizational vision and execution. She is expert in guiding the science of marketing and communication materials that spur sales and inspire action.

A communications veteran in the IT services industry, Ceil is experienced in branding, delivering marketing collateral supporting various sectors including government, technology, commercial & consumer markets.

Results-Oriented in Challenging Business Environments
Ceil strengthened company’s competitiveness and bottom-line results by successfully operating a zero-based cost center. She maximized ROI saving two Fortune 150 company millions of dollars by delivering high-quality products and services at 20% to 40% below costs of external providers.

Combining business sense with innovation, Ceil has led developing new branding and marketing communications strategies commensurate with globalization and its evolving marketplace. She steered the launch of new tools and marketing paths, applying branding standards and using Web site design, multimedia/video production and advertising and marketing collateral to reach diverse and discerning target audiences.

Ceil provided leadership and support to an effort to increase the sales publications support capacity for an outsourcing business unit offshore (India). Net result was an ability to increase output 20%.

Proven Performance
Ceil transformed an in-house communications department into an industry-lauded, key strategic partner in sales and new business development, customer retention, staff recruitment and training. She has directed creative teams that have earned over 170 competitive industry awards since 1996.

She selected the requisite proposal support talent to help companies win billions of dollars in new contracts. Her teams have published of over 4,000 federal government and commercial proposals.

Ceil created the operational infrastructure with processes, procedures and workflow management to enable teams in various locations to work share across geographies and time zones.

She’s lead the re-branding efforts of private and publicly held companies.

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