Cecile Long

Author, playwrite, teacher

About Me

My name is Cecile Long. My professional title is the owner of CML Creations.
I am a middle-aged mother of two blood sons and four surrogate children. Which also brings to us eleven surrogate grandchildren. We also have two old dogs we love to spoil when we are at home.
My husband and I spent a few years driving a semi over the road experiencing all forty-eight lower states.
Lived in Alexander, ND (part of the Bakken area) where my first book "IDrew Him From The Water" started out as a children's play I wrote for a local church.
I currently live in Hazelton, ND, where I work at the local grocery store and Mark, my husband, is currently working on an invention and does odd jobs for farmers in the area.
My skills and areas of expertise include writing and inspiring. I am a weather spotter for the National Weather Service in Bismarck, ND. My husband and I are certified Refuge Camp Builders through CRI (Crisis Response International), members of our local Lions Club, and I am a prayer warrior for anyone needing prayer.
I love traveling, writing children's plays, helping people and having fun.

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