Cathy Akins

Intuitive Counseling

About Me

I provide people with clear, practical and down-to-earth psychic readings (either by phone or by Skype; location is not an issue). Don’t expect anything like a Hollywood movie/theatrical reading! This is much more than telling you about some guy in your future! While you sit comfortably in a distraction-free setting of your choice, I will help you to:
• identify and resolve ineffective or sabotaging behavior patterns that hold you back;
• uncover energy blockages that can affect your communication, creativity and health;
• explain recurring issues/lessons in your day-to-day life;
• reveal hidden disempowering beliefs running in the background of your life that you may not be aware of; and
• connect you to your true and authentic self – the self you were before anyone told you how you could or couldn’t be and what you could or couldn’t do,
leaving you feeling renewed, cared for and empowered. My goal is that you leave the reading with lasting value.

I am also an accredited facilitator for the Transformation Game® -- a board game that is played with four participants in a day-long workshop. Developed at the internationally renowned spiritual center of Findhorn, Scotland, the game provides a fun, yet substantial, context through which people can examine the kinds of experiences they create and assess the value of their choices, attitudes and responses to the events in their lives. It's an excellent way to clarify important issues, resolve conflicts and creatively enhance relationships, all in a safe, loving and comfortable environment.

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