Carrie Hoffman

Owner / Chief Pet Cuddler - "Kelsey's, Sit, Play and Stay"

About Me

Kelsey's Sit, Play and Stay is Buffalo's most loving and caring pet sitting service for many years.

I provide full service, professional, reliable, trustworthy, stress-free care for your precious pets, in your own home, while you're away on vacation, a business trip, working long hours, or other obligations. I specialize in all types of services, including senior and special needs pets.

All pets are cared for as if they were my very own. I give them personalized love, attention and exercise. I look after their safety and well being, while ensuring the welfare and security of your home. The benefits for you and your pet are:

- Your pet stays in his/her own home where he or she is most comfortable (no stress, or exposure to illnesses.)
- Their regular routine of eating, sleeping, exercising, and play time is maintained.
- No imposition or inconvenience on a friend, neighbor or relative to care for your pet, but instead you can rely on me, your professional pet sitter, who will put your pets' needs first.

While taking care of your pet, your home will look "lived in." Senior and special needs pets are given compassionate care with plenty of patience. They will feel secure and content knowing I am there for them, ensuring their specfic needs are met with lots of love and personalized attention.

You will have complete peace of mind knowing your pet's needs are taken care of and best of all -- when you return home, your pet is there to greet you!!

Available 7 Days a week and holidays

I'm only a phone call away!

Hello, my name is Carrie Hoffman. My professional title is Owner at Kelsey's Sit, Play & Stay. My skills and areas of expertise include Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Animal Rescue, Day to Day Operations, Client Bonding, Behavior Bonding, Compassion Care and Communication.

Since I was a Child, I always loved animals – real, stuffed or imaginary –made no difference to me. I would sit with my grandfather by the hour and learn everything he could teach me, as he'd had a farm once upon a time and a vast array of pets. Nature shows were always a big hit in our house.

As a young girl, I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian but I was wrong. After two years of interning with a local veterinarian I knew I could never do the job. The Reason: Because I was too sensitive. I learned an incredible amount during those two years, and I have put them to use in my pet sitting.

I'm so glad I was inspired to start this business because I have made so many friends both furry and human. I have yet to meet the dog who doesn't like me, and once I know what cats are really thinking, I'll know if it's me or just my furry coat that they like. All Animals deserve our respect and love.

Email me to be directed to my newly designed website. I look forward to hearing from you.

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