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Teaching and writing have always been intertwined for me. After I completed my B.A. at University of California, Santa Barbara, I went on to get a Lifetime 7 -12th grade California Teaching Certificate in English and Social Studies. For the next eleven years, I taught junior high through high school students in both California and Oregon. In 1978, I began working for Southern Oregon University (Southern Oregon College then) as an Instructor of Teacher Education. I love working with both teachers and students and became fascinated both by the implications of learning styles in classrooms and by techniques for instructional supervision. At the same time, I became an officer in the U.S. Army Reserve and since I was assigned to a training division, my two careers marched hand in hand. In both of them, I did a lot of writing (although I seldom got a by-line) as well as a lot of editing and proofreading. I have a gift of being able to improve the clarity of a written piece without destroying the individuality of a person's voice. When I retired from Southern Oregon University and the USAR, I founded Help-U-Write to use that ability to help others. When I edit a manuscript, I seek to improve the flow, clarity and consistency of the piece and, at the same time, preserve the uniqueness of each writer's style. I also enjoy writing myself. My previous publications have all been non-fiction, so I am currently expanding my own creativity with fiction works and children's books. I truly enjoy working with new authors, whether it is coaching them at the initial stages of their writing or helping them get their manuscripts into final form. I also do copy writing and like to assist others to develop website copy or brochures.

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