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Carole Fakler is the Owner at New York Image Studio, which is a full service Graphic Arts studio. They focus on high end Retouching, Pre-Press, Photography, Short Run and Large Format Printing. Located in the Dumbo district of Brooklyn, NY. She puts her heart into her work. Her value is linked to her willingness to help others. She is focused, dedicated and committed to success through hard work, motivation and having fun.

Carole is an entrepreneur with a drive to succeed. She has been conceptualizing, creating, and designing since high school. In 1984, Carole graduated from Boston’s Chamberlayne College with a degree in Graphic Arts and Advertising Design. Her career immediately started after graduation when she was hired as an apprentice in the scanning department for a Boston pre-press company called Magenta. From the 70’s through the 90’s the scanning department was the core service of any pre-press facility. This apprenticeship combined with Chamberlayne’s curriculum increased her proficiency in color theory and she soon became a noted industry expert in scanning and color correction for print advertising. In addition, Carole operated her own side business called Rhys Restoration which Carole was selling printing and photo retouching while fulfilling the demands of full time employment.

In 1987, Carole moved to Long Island where she became the first woman scanner operator in the NY area. In the mid 90’s, Desktop Publishing quickly changed and dominated traditional publishing practices. Carole pushed herself to learn all the new software and applications and in doing so she stayed ahead of the technical curve. Carole’s next series of jobs placed her in the mainstream of digital publishing and she continued move forward in the pre-press world. Owing to her mastery of color theory, her career brought her to the top of pre-press houses in Boston and New York City.

In 2002, Carole accepted a consulting position with Sotheby’s International leading a group of six photo retouchers in the catalog department. This department played a critical role in selling Sotheby’s valuable showcased items. The printing of the catalog needed to be of the highest quality in order for Sotheby’s properties to be considered and purchased. Her success was measured by the fact that revenue increased by a million dollars in catalog sales in Carole’s first year of heading up that department.

Recognizing her independence streak combined with the goal to expand her reach into the advertising world, Carole and her business partner opened NY Color Center in 2006. She went through all the necessary steps to make this move, which included writing a business plan, obtaining a loan and scouting and securing the right location that was central to her client base. Most importantly, Carole hired an expert staff who played an essential part in helping the company to meet its financial and qualitative goals. In 2011, driven by the desire to run her own company, Carole decided to open her own business and bring her staff along as well. Her positive attitude, her reputation for excellence combined continued with the recognition and support from her clients helped make New York Image Studio (NYIS) a reality and give Carole 100% ownership.

Carole’s other interests include spending time with her family, painting, traveling and she is always on hand to help friends and family with any technical problems they should have. She loves to teach people new to the retouching world and is a mentor to many entering this field. She has continuously supported charitable organizations that include The Hole in the Wall Camps, BCRF, ASPCA, JDRF, and Charity Water. Carole is a member of the NGLCC, WBENC. With the continued success of NYIS she hope to expand her support for these and other organizations in need.

Carole has been able to meet her goals with success both professionally and personally. With 28 years experience in the pre-press industry, her knowledge is diverse and spans from a traditional analog background into the digital era of today. Carole is now a resident of Brooklyn, USA where she has lived since June of 2009.

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