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About Me

My name is Carol Ann Strang. My professional title is Professional Educator with the Vineland School District.

I am presently working as a temp aide, or one on one aide in preschools and elementary schools. I also have experience working with special ed students.

I also am a freelance tutor. I also am an inspirational writer and in the process of writing a book. I also soon will publish my first Ebook.

I invite you to visit my website. I have been through a considerable amount of anxiety, fear, worry, doubt and some depression through out my life. Jesus is my rock. I am a strong advocate for healthy marriages and families. I have been married for twenty-six years now, and have a sixteen year old daughter.
I also am a strong advocate against bullying. I am a strong advocate for special needs children and adults. My husband is visionally imparied.

My website is almost complete!

In addition to my blogs, prayer request page, and videos, I also have added beautiful, customized, and personalized Keepsake Crosses and Lockets/pendants. I love the hand of God and the beauty of nature. These crosses and my jewelry collection are created with dried flowers.

I also am on Periscope/twitter. I am reflecting about my message to the world. I believe my testimony and God's Word will bring hope, encouragement, and healing to the lost, frustrated, and hopeless.

I have my own Cafepress. com gift shop

I donate 50% to women and their families in need and some ministries such as Foreign orphanages.

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