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Carol is the Founder and President of the Center for Transitional Change, LLC, a Consulting, Training and Coaching firm specializing in the area of Change and Transition. She is the former Founder and President of Kelly Learning Services, Inc. a Training and Organizational Development Consulting firm concentrating in Change Management, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Conflict Resolution, and Team Building. The current company, Center for Transitional Change, has expanded to include Life Coaching, Personal Development and Empowerment.

Whether working with organizations facing massive change and integration issues or with groups and individuals facing massive, disruptive change in their personal lives, Carol's pivotal role and passion is as a Change Agent, equipping and empowering her clients to manage and leverage the human, personal side of change called Transition. IT ISN'T THE CHANGES THAT DO YOU IN, IT'S THE TRANSITIONS. People really don't resist change, what they resist is the transition. One of many reasons for this is because they can't accept letting go of that piece of themselves that they have to give up because of the change. Change is external, transition is an internal process and must be dealt with for professional and personal success.

As a strategic, systems thinker, Carol's unique, holistic approach gets to the "root cause" of the issues which creates more sustained, lasting change. For the past 20 years, she has achieved special accomplishments by turning her clients' "chaos" into "order" and their "resistance" into "resilience." She has not only educated, she has motivated and inspired hundreds of organizations and individuals to accomplish things they had previously thought impossible. Perceptive, intuitive, compassionate and empowering, Carol's high-energy delivery style fully engages even the most reserved participants in a dynamic learning environment. She is sought after as a motivational/professional speaker and seminar leader. She currently offers a high-impact, transformational workshop, PATHWAY TO POWER.

Carol received her Master's degree in Business Education from Indiana University. She has done extensive study in Human Behavior and Industrial Psychology. The thrust of Carol's work is to "empower the human system to do it's own work." To this end, she embodies the concepts and principles of innovative thought leaders, such as Stephen Covey, William Bridges, John Bradshaw, Edgar Schein, Anthony Robbins, Chris Argyris, Daryl Connor, Peter Block, Dale Carnegie.

In addition, she has received numerous certifications from noted companies, such as the Covey Leadership Center and the National Training Laboratories. She continues to apply her studies with Anthony Robbins' teachings on personal empowerment, John Bradshaw's teachings on inner healing, Stephen Covey's teachings on principle-centered leadership, William Bridges' teachings on change and transition, and Chris Argyris' teachings on double-loop learning.

Carol's life work is to "unleash the greatness in people and organizations."

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