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My name is Carla J.. Schneider, B.A. My skills and areas of expertise include product development, management, finance, marketing and sales. My professional title is CEO at Trebco Specialty Products Inc, which specializes in the Wubbanub Pacifier.
Here is my story on how this business had came about and the conclusion to the best night's sleep every parent should have!:
It's 1998 and the Schneider family is packing up for a long-awaited vacation - three-month-old Baby and all. They smile and laugh and play all day and have a wonderful time - the kind of vacation every young family dreams of. But the dream turns into a nightmare later that evening when Baby Schneider fusses and cries and wakes all night long.

Mommy and Daddy Schneider discover a way to get Baby to go to sleep: with a hospital pacifier planted firmly in his mouth. But when Baby drifts off, the pacifier drops out and the fussing starts all over again. To their dismay, Mommy and Daddy realize the only way the pacifier will stay put is if one of them holds it - all night long. No sleep for Mommy or Daddy!

The hours crawl by and become days. And still Baby fusses. It's two days into their "dream" vacation and Mommy and Daddy - and Baby, too - are tired, cranky, and at their wit's end. It's 3:00 a.m. "How are we ever going to get that pacifier to stay put so we can all get some sleep?" whispers Daddy.

Baby enjoying his WubbaNub™ suddenly, a smile crosses Mommy's lips. Handing Baby to Daddy, she reaches for Baby's of his plush toys...and a sewing kit...and sews the pacifier and the toy together. Baby takes the pacifier in his mouth and grasps the toy. Lo and behold, Baby drifts off and the pacifier stays put. 3:05 a.m.: all the Schneiders are sleeping soundly and they all lived happily ever after!

But a good night's sleep is just the beginning of the WubbaNub™ story. When they return home, well-rested and happy, their friends - who are sleep-deprived with fussy babies of their own - cry out for WubbaNubs™. Mommy and Daddy sense they're onto something here.

Happy and well-rested babies everywhere think the WubbaNub™ story is a wonderful tale. So do mommies and daddies who can finally get a good night's sleep. We think you will, too, once you try your very own WubbaNub™ with your very own fussy baby.

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