Candice Thompson

Owner | For The Love Of Bookkeepers | Specializing in "Cleaning the Books"

About Me

I have been working in accounting for over 16 years and I have a strong accounting background, knowledge of IT and systems and processes that has proven effective in my ability to perform my job.

I demonstrate initiative by documenting my own processes that have been effective  training tools for new and existing team members. My process documentations have greatly increased the ability of new hires to get up to speed quickly as well as providing training aids for them to use for future references.

I have worked with IT to create an extremely useful research tool that allows for the searching of receipts, PO's, invoices, and payments in one screen instead of having to use multiple systems and screens. Thus saving an average of 7 minutes per PO. I have also worked with IT to create a tool that extracts information not seen in negative PO's once they are in a posted status, thus saving an average of 40 minutes per return.

I was considered a leader amongst my peers because of my knowledge of systems and research abilities.  I served as trainer to new staff & new clients.

I always have a positive attitude and am eager to improve processes. I have taken steps working within other areas of the business so I can better understand the differences between each area. I have worked with buyers in order to improve the return and chargeback processes to make it easier for AP to process related returns. I developed a disputed invoice/PO tracking tool for use by all of AP in order to track these items to ensure these issues are resolved and not forgotten. This same process was also utilized for other departments in accounting.

I have helped companies build spreadsheets that have saved hundreds of hours of manual entry and processing, as well as implemented new process and procedures to help streamline an accounting department. I am passionate about people and what they do and I'm always wanting to learn new areas of business and processes.

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