Bonnie Huang

Formosa Flexible Packaging America Inc. | President

About Me

A visionary and inspiring leader, Bonnie is specialized in international business development and sales & marketing. As the first female and the youngest executive in Hotai Industries, one of the largest conglomerates in Asia with 47 subsidiaries ,137 associated companies and $12.5 billion revenue, she represents the group to seek potential opportunities of global expansion in North America and Latin America. Bonnie also serves as a strategy consultant for the board of Hotai Industries on corporate restructuring and performance management, leading the changes on strategic acquisition and performance improvement within a traditional Asian conglomerate. Her position is extremely exceptional given the typical male dominating corporate environment in East Asia. Bonnie established and oversees the business and operations of Formosa Flexible Packaging America Inc., Hotai’s subsidiaries in US, and is responsible for the company's international business development in Latin America, Europe and Australia.
Bonnie received her MBA degree from UC Irvine and holds a master degree on Communications from Peking University. Bonnie is a devoted advocate for sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility and social media, a passionate traveler and a mother of two girls.

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