Betty Hines

Principal- Strategic Business Consultant/Champion Women Elevator

About Me

I've had many successful years of experience in the area of strategic business planning, business mentoring, facilitating CEO discussions and helping CEO's & Business Owners feel at ease in putting strategies around their Multi Million/Billion dollar businesses to help accelerate growth. I have a proven track record of business success in Corporate America and as an Entrepreneur/ Business Owner. Now as a Master of my craft, I function as a Strategic Business Consultant, Business Mentor, Certified Group Facilitator, and for "like-minded"​ business professionals, their sounding board.

Today I facilitate roundtable discussions with owners who run multi Million/Billion dollar businesses developing strategic plans. I also advise CEO's, Business Owners and Thought Leaders on how they can change their paradigm, enabling them to convert business challenges into business opportunities. I help these Executives realize their inner potential by mentoring them through a process of strategic collaboration, or by strategic introductions. Some CEO's comments:

"Betty Hines’ approach to strategic business growth is the perfect blend of honed precision and practicality. As a business owner, it’s very easy to be consumed by the day-to-day execution of running the business and focus on the daily “to-do” lists rather than the long-term plan. Betty brought great perspective on structuring for long-term scalability, and practical exercises I could build into my daily schedule to work towards building that structure incrementally and at a pace that fits my business. Betty has also introduced me to many key contacts and resources to assist with the professional services I needed for my business and my career. She is highly regarded and respected regionally and nationally, across a range of industries.”

“Ms Hines has an innate ability to assess a business’s challenge and/or opportunity, then works to provide personal hands-on solutions. She is truly the “Business Coach”. “

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