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My love of teaching began as a high school business and computer education teacher. My desire to train students with entry level job skills is no longer in alignment with the public school system. So my focus now is on empowering adults to achieve their goals and become financially independent by introducing them to the Global Information Network system. My thirst for education and learning is being completely satisfied by following the GIN recipe for success. It will work for anyone who is willing to make a commitment regardless of their chosen career or profession.

I realize the GIN Club is not for everyone and that's completely understandable. But for the curious and seekers of knowledge, it is only necessary to email me at and I will gladly send you a free introductory cd on "The Success Secrets They Don't Want You To Know About". Kevin Trudeau, Dr. Theresa Dale, Ron Ball, Ed Foreman, Dr.Ted Morter, and Juanita Ecker are just a few of our esteemed GIN members/presenters/teachers.

I recently participated in a GIN webinar given by Glynis McCants known as the "Numerologist to the Stars". Using the 2,500 year old Pythagoras Number System, she informed me that because of my birth date I am a consummate Humanitarian; and because of my name, I was destined to be a Teacher. That might explain why I've given so much information about me and what I'm about because I have to share what I believe can benefit others.

I guess that is also the reason why earlier this year I published my book of poetry, "Growing Pains, Real Talk Poetry for Young Adults". Even though I never grew up reading or writing poetry, when I was inspired to help students change or improve their outlook on life, the words just flowed. I have tried to provide solutions using a voice and tone familiar to today's youth. The students asked me to share my poetry so that other students would have access to my philosophy about life. Therefore, I gifted my book to 70 Chicago high schools at the beginning of this school year.

My other major business and health interest is with Morinda Bioactives. I have been a Product Consultant and committed user for over 10 years. I drink Tahitian NONI Juice daily. It is packed full of iridoids and other bioactives that has been scientifically documented to increase energy. The original Tahitian NONI Juice product has grown to become a family of products which includes Thrive Adaptogenics and has been scientifically proven to strengthen the body's ability to fight off serious health concerns.

Included in my daily regimen is my "can't do without" DEFY biotopical Age Intervention System which is formulated to work at the cellular level to address the root causes of aging skin. Not to sound vain or anything, but my 60+ year-old face has virtually not aged visibly since I've been using it. I swear! The Shield Biomedicals have a healing ointment and spray that I have seen stop various skin infections and promoted healing faster.

I love my life. I am having so much fun! It just keeps getting better and better. Sharing what I have been learning continues to bring me much joy. Becoming a member of NAPW allows me the opportunity to meet other positive women willing to expand and share our experiences, skills and knowledge to achieve an even higher level of understanding.

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