Beth Epperson

About Me

My name is Beth Epperson, my skills and areas of expertise include Quality Assurance, Change Management and Control Process. My professional title is Manager, Quality Assurance and Change Management at CoreLogic, which specializes in information analytics. I received my master's degree in business from Regis University and my Bachelors in Computer Science from DeVry. My hobbies and interests include hiking, international travel and reading. I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as the San Diego Zoo and local nonprofits.

I have also managed development and Quality Assurance teams at Netscape and AOL. My career shifted at Websense where I managed a Technical Support team.

I am passionate about quality in the products that are delivered to our customers. I am also passionate about ensuring quality of the process throughout the organization. A solid and stable framework allows the team to focus on what is important and not reacting to poorly planned and poorly delivered products.

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