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My name is Beth Bigger. My skills and areas of expertise include coaching, educating and providing workshops and events, sharing with men and women a gift that can change their lives in two ways: with amazing health, wellness and skincare products, and the generous business/income opportunity associated with it.

I am currently building a multi-million dollar international business network, continuously reaching out to men and women, helping them to reach for their dreams and change their lives to that of abundant living. My professional title is Independent Consultant and District Manager with Arbonne International.

I also have a lifetime designation as Certified Purchasing Manager with the International Supply Management Organization, and have over 30 years experience in the procurement industry. I am currently working at a high tech company in Silicon Valley in the area of Functional Analysis Engineering.

I own a property investment company, E.L.A. Victory Properties, LLC, and am currently developing 2 acre country estate lots in North Dakota.

My hobbies and interests include exercising, reading, traveling, playing with my 2 dogs, and outdoor recreation - the beach! - watching sunsets on Monterey Bay wit my husband. I love to give and always dream of making lots of money, keep enough for my family, and give the rest away to those in need. I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as the World Vision Organization. My husband and I sponsor a beautiful girl in Nicaragua. After visiting her last summer and seeing with our own eyes the needs of the children, we committed to target 3 critical areas: 1. provide laptops to the classrooms, 2. fund a local food program for malnourished children, and 3. fund a musical education program that provides the teachers and instruments to the classrooms. I am also committed to my local church and its many outreach ministries.

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