Barbara Williamson

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Entered into sales with NYLIC in 64 and soon became #1 in sales among 7,000 agents. My pioneer spirit led me and only two other women, at the time, to be successful in the financial services field. After three years I achieved the American Dream but was not fulfilled. Met my brilliant spouse and together we created Sandstone Retreat/Sandstone Foundation for community systems research org where we operated a private club for members interested in living a new lifestyle. We pioneered open sexuality and became the hub of the sexual revolution in late 60's and early 70's. I was branded as "The Most Liberated Woman in America."

During its existence we produced the Sandstone Movie that played in neighborhood theatres and was the first documentary to gross a million dollars.

Upon retirement from Principal Financial Group, moved to a desert oasis in Nevada. There we responded to an urgent cry of the wild. Lions and Tigers were losing their home for the third time and authorities were going to euthanize them if they could not find a permanent home. We only had 30 days to build a permanent compound for them and we met their schedule. The cats were so grateful to us.

Then we went to work learning how to provide the necessary care for them. We did not have any experience in handling these majestic and potentially dangerous cats. It was one of the most rewarding and wonderful experiences in my life, understanding how they bond with people and being one with them. A big win for all!

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