Barbara Suyehiro

About Me

Hi! My name is Barbara G. Suyehiro. I'm a native San Franciscan, graduated from Lowell high school, and received my bachelor's degree in Family and Consumer Education from San Francisco State. Prior to my graduating, I spent two years at City College of SF, and was fortunate to spend one year at San Diego State University.

I am Co-Founder and General Manager of Eye-On-Edge, LLC. My partner and I founded this business based on negative ion products to help ease pain and discomfort associated with accidents, athletic injuries, or age-incurred disabilities. Our unique products are designed to be worn comfortably and can be managed directly on the site of the pain. We are users of our products, and believe strongly that it can eliminate or at least mitigate the discomfort.

Our main goal is to help people either find complete relief, or at least lessen the need to take pain medication or anti-inflammatory pills.

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