Dr. Barbara Nollie, D.MIN.,M.H.S/Mental He

Rev. Dr., M.H.S.-Mhc.,Navy Veteran, NAVAC Board Certified Chaplain, Veterans' Hospital Staff Chaplain, National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. Endorsed; "Moments For The Master" Radio/ Television Broadcast Host,

About Me

I am Rev. Dr. Nollie, D.Min., M.Human Services/Mental Health Counseling I am happy to be in NAPW with all of you. I am a Vietnam Era U. S. Navy Veteran, a Staff Chaplain at James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital, Tampa, Fl., and the Founder/Pastor/Counselor/ Educator of New Heart Ministries International, Inc. (NHMI), a 501C3. Also, I am an Advocate for Excellence, Diversity, Equal Rights, and Justice in Healthcare Agencies, among civil authorities, and in Communities; for Veterans, Active Duty members, and their families, who are served at Veterans' Hospitals. Further, I am called as a Christian Pastor and Educator in the service of sharing the Gospel of God's Love for humanity through Jesus Christ, my Lord, and my Savior. In the community, I strive to promote spiritual knowledge and understanding, wholesome living, healthy human growth and development, financial empowerment, and building healthy self/other relationships in homes, schools, on the job, and with all people whether young and old. As a host of Radio and Television ministry broadcasts, called "Moments For the Master", I am sensitive to, speak about, and endeavor to faithfully and respectfully listen to, and address as I am able, the needs and concerns of those in our fractured societies, the plight of our animal kingdom, and the destruction of our planet on which, we all reside.

My credentialed areas of specialty include the Chaplaincy w/ Clinical Pastoral Education Student Mentoring, Counseling in Life Crises, Transitions, and healing such as, Spirituality, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Gambling, Bullying, Suicide, Sexual Assault, Guilt /Shame, Grief and Bereavement, Pre-Marital/ Marriage, Job, Military Readiness, and in all, Individual/Family/ Group Counseling,

My credentials are from University of Maryland Asian Dtviision, : are Ihave completed a received my M.S. from Springfield College. I am rawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as local community efforts. My hobbies and interests include spending time with family and friends.

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