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My name is Barbara G Johnson. I’m the Vice President / Treasurer of METAD (Medical, Education, Training, and Development) a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization focusing on acquisition and shipping of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to developing countries worldwide. METAD also has the following programs - cervical cancer screening programs in Nicaragua and Guatemala; paid tuition for 835 children in 2014 to attend school who had been victims of human trafficking and a women’s skill training center in Central America; self-sustaining agricultural programs in the Philippines; maternal health clinic and bore hole, as well as sending 3 students each year to medical school in Kenya; and developed and funded a self-sustaining village well and black water system in the coffee bean growing area of Honduras. We also have a domestic program that gives one-time assistance to individuals or families whose need may “fall through the cracks” of local charities or US or State government program guidelines.

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