Barbara Childs

About Me

Born in Sacramento, California, I was very lucky to be the daughter of a State Department diplomat and lived a significant part of my early school years in Beirut, Lebanon and finally graduating from Frankfurt American High School. While living in Beirut, I was evacuated from the 1967 war. Having experienced this tragedy has made me a more open minded and understanding person. I love to travel and meet people from many different cultures. My work as a Functional Nutrition and Holistic Health and Wellness Nurse Coach spans the globe as all cultures are seeking to become a better and healthier person than what they currently see themselves as.

My work experience includes Holistic Registered Nurse, Nurse Manager, Worker's Compensation RN Case Manager, High Risk Disease RN Case Manager, Legal Nurse Consultant, Critical Care ICU RN, and Pediatrics RN and Mediator.

Army and Air Force Exchange Services, Loss Prevention Manager, Environmental Compliance Inspector, OSHA Inspector – Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Operation Joint Endeavor in Bosnia, Moody AFB, Georgia

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