Ayse Hogan

The Guru Hypnotist | Holistic & Alternative Healing | Hemp Advocate | Author and Speaker

About Me

In today’s stressful world, you're expected to hide your flaws and put a smile on even when dealing with disabling physical pain. To others, you don’t look sick--even when you desperately are!

Seeing more specialists and taking meds doesn’t always bring healing. Indeed, the more you see and do, the more frustrated you can become feeling you’re not being taken seriously and knowing nothing you’ve tried to this point has brought lasting relief!

But there is a way to permanently take back your life so you can live and work fully and on purpose!

Let’s talk about it.
WHAT I DO: I am a Hypnotherapist specializing in Holistic and Alternative methods to break my clients free from being stuck, from bad behaviours by making all the changes necessary to bring them into the masterpiece they were meant to be
WHO I WORK WITH: I help people who’ve lost their mojo, for whom life itself is “meh” and those who have been struggling with disabling physical pain or deep emotional pain for what feels like an eternity.

My clients want to experience joy and be fully productive again, and are ready and committed to making change, but haven’t been able to overcome their mental blocks and barriers to recovery—the deeply rooted cause of their woes and dis-ease.

HOW I DO IT: I show you how to identify, release and test your triggers, eliminate self-limiting beliefs and regain control over your body, mind and energy. My Enhanced Energy Communication Protocol works on multiple levels to restore balance and harmony by returning every level to homeostasis.

Better still, you do not have to come to my Southampton, Ontario clinic in person for your sessions. Most clients work with me directly online, without having to leave home.

Once you’ve mastered my method and our work is done, you can then empower yourself as needed using transformational self-healing on demand.

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