A. LaShe' Lance

AMCA Board Certified Trichologist / International Scholar

About Me

A. LaShe’ Lance is an entrepreneurial leader whose empathy, passion, and commitment to her community and clients are the underpinnings of her professional life. A dedicated wife and mother of seven children, caring for and helping others has always been an integral part of her life. However, when the tragic loss of a baby upended everything, Mrs. Lance reevaluated her life. She decided that she would make a profession out of that which mattered most to her—serving others.

Her endeavor began small. She launched a support group at her church, initially for mothers like she who had lost children. Running this group made her realize that grief is not an individual process but is rather a family and community experience. Out of this small group grew a larger effort within the community. She was soon working with terminally ill children, the disabled, those facing the end of their lives and the families that support them.

At this same time, Mrs. Lance worked estheticians and massage therapists to promote employee spa days as a benefit that the local business community could offer to their staff. Mrs. Lance secured contracts with large organizations as well as smaller, local businesses. She soon realized that the aesthetic services she was providing had another, untapped market—the underserved within the community.

The Alanex Group, originally a ministry to help members of the community who, like she, had lost a child, soon evolved into an effort in community learning and thought leadership. In 2017, Mrs. Lance received her professional hairstyling license and decided to shift Alanex’s focus. She took the model that she used with spa services and employee appreciation and applied it to the non-profit health and human services sector. Mrs. Lance’s vision and leadership resulted in securing three major community-based clients that were looking to expand their outreach into the area of personal care services.

Mrs. Lance’s work allows people who would otherwise be unable to do so to receive hairstyling services. She welcomes all clients, and manages a team of stylists who serve those that reside in transitionary housing, confined to their homes through a facility by illness or disability, and with the elderly. In 2018, she received her trichology license and increased Alanex’s focus on treating hair loss. This has been a significant component of her work with young cancer patients, as well as adults whose illnesses result in hair loss. Hair loss can be one of the most emotionally difficult aspects of treatment. Mrs. Lance enables her clients to receive confidential services in the comfort of their own homes, via The Alanex Group website, and in clinic.

Mrs. Lance has been honored by the Fogelman College of Business, Toastmasters, the Golden Key International Honor Society, the University of Memphis Pinnacle Honor Society, the Black Scholars Unlimited, the International Scholar Laureate (ISLP), and the International Association of Women (IAW). She holds both a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration, as well as an MA in Human Resources Management from the University of Memphis. A committed lifelong learner, Mrs. Lance has truly encompassed the definition of Servant Leadership.

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