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General Partner
SAFE Management, LLC

SAFE Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor located in Central New Jersey. Formed in March of 2006, we manage a series of private investment funds designed primarily for “qualified individuals and institutions” in the United States and Europe. Our funds deploy a specific trading methodology based predominantly on companies who maintain “superior operational cash flow.”

In addition to our private funds, we offer managed account and advisory services for all individuals. Our managed account clients pay a 2% annual management fee which is pro-rated and billed monthly.

As we assess the global economic situation and its impact on the markets as a whole, SAFE Management works closely with a variety of experts to design and offer conservative, defensive or aggressive investment recommendations. We believe each client should have a thorough understanding of their investment goals, strategies and methodology. Too often, individuals invest their hard-earned capital and are not completely aware of their investment holdings or their performance. Each of our managed accounts provides the investor with complete on-line access. Trades are executed in the account by SAFE Management and made based upon a pre-determined strategy for the individual’s portfolio.

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