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COLA GIRL by Elsie Clay

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Annie's Link Inc., was founded on August 22, 2011. A dream come true. I love writing and am constantly looking for new ideas with a fresh twist.

I enjoy hanging with good friends, good food, and living in the present. The quiet moments and the joy my granddaughter brings, allows me feel blessed.

As the publishing platform is drastically changing, so must all of us. We are what we read, understand, absorb, and share.

In the book Cola Girl, by Elsie Clay, I am Annie ( the publisher), Elsie Clay (the author), and Grace (the main character). It seemed a fun and and easier way to write a serious and true story. This book is not for the faint of heart. I have always kept in mind that others have it much worse than I.

Experience a great read with this well written and compelling story of Grace; the great great niece of Asa Griggs Candler who founded The Coca Cola Company. Most of us have a bit Grace in us, and it is her shining spirit which keeps her and her story alive.

Kathleen A. Ball, Ph,D and Corinna Gorritz, RN, have endorsed COLA GIRL as
an important read for 2018 and beyond.

My website: also offers free consulting on writing, editing, ISBN numbers, copyright information, and a few ideas on marketing. Please feel free to purchase "Cola Girl" or gather information for your non-fiction manuscripts at this website, or through email:

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