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Anne M. Deatly, PhD, is presently a Principal Research Scientist in Vaccine Research and Development at Pfizer. In 2012, Anne will dedicate herself full- time as Director of the Optimal Health and Wellness Center. The center’s focus is on holistic health and energy balancing, positive inspiration, and spiritual coaching. The ultimate goal of the center is to help and support people transform and revitalize their lives. To achieve this goal, Anne is embarking on a career in inspirational speaking as a way to empower others, especially women, to develop into their highest potential (mind, body, spirit). She is a radio talk show host for VoiceAmerica’s Health and Wellness channel. Her new show, Energy Medicine and Optimal Health, will focus on defining energy medicine and illustrate how it can lead to optimal health.

Anne is presently a second year student in the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program receiving certification in early 2012. Energy medicine, the future of medicine, activates the body’s natural healing and energy balancing system to prevent disease. Uniquely, the Optimal Health and Wellness Center uses energy balancing to treat the root of disease, including emotional and spiritual issues to achieve optimal holistic health. Energy balancing promotes stress reduction energy cross-over, synchronized energy rhythms, toxin removal and pain reduction or elimination. Optimal Health and Wellness Center also facilitates renewal and transformation of a revitalized body, awakened mind, and enlightened spirit. Programs are designed to provide new opportunities for self-empowerment, growth and personal development, healthy lifestyle, positive mental attitude, defined purpose and passion, increased success potential, and creating a life filled with, joy, peace, and harmony.

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