Anna Maiden

Cornerstone HR Consulting, LLC | Small Business Owner

About Me


• Program Management
• Business Strategies and Compliance
• Strategic Direction and Leadership
• Talent Acquisition
• Process Improvement
• HR Solutions and Effective Support
• Organizational Management
• Excellent Communication Skills


Organized efficient and effective internal procedures to prepare department for accurate and expedited reporting. Provided guidance and established timelines to meet monthly goals. RESULTS: Increased customer service by eliminating inefficient procedures through use of technology.

Implemented a closing interview strategy for critical positions eliminating multiple interviews for applicants. Coordinated with the CEO to conduct interviews with key personnel in the HR department immediately after the final interview. Applied cooperative teaming and scheduling to avoid numerous return meetings. RESULT: Executed plan and achieved an overall rating of excellence in customer service.

Resolved concerns of inconsistent employee discipline. Developed a matrix to ensure progress and adherence to expectations. Worked with multiple stakeholders to develop appropriate expectations and consequences. Coordinated resources needed to support management's goal. RESULT: Every manager with supervisory authority now refers to the matrix for guidance on employee discipline.

Implemented a position control process to resolve the unreliable scheduling of personnel. Analyzed the impact of full time employees not working full time schedules and determined the need to develop a staffing ratio and accurately schedule staff with a comparative report from the HR database. This report not only emphasized the accuracy of personnel but also the financial analysis of performance and productivity relative to the department’s mission. RESULT: Mandated budget cuts were addressed without affecting productivity or a mandatory reduction in force.

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