Ann Wagner

About Me

I am very grateful to be fortunate enough to love what I do. What is it that I do? I help others make their dreams come true. I am a life changer. I help those who are starting out for the first time in their career as well as those who are changing their careers because they have finally realized their passion. Although it is good for us to make changes in our life, it can be overwhelming and at times we are not sure where or how to begin. Having someone to partner with is a tremendous help. That is where I come into the picture. Together with my client, we create a customized coaching program tailored specifically for him or her to achieve success. My greatest joy comes from watching others become the people they were intended to be.

In 2008 I began working with Graham Webb Academy located just outside of Washington, DC in Arlington, Virginia. I am the Spa Director and Curriculum Coordinator for the Basic and Master Esthetic Programs at the Academy. I brought to the Academy over twenty-five years of educational experience, personal and professional image consulting, as well as an extensive background in herbs and essential oils for health and beauty.

Along with teaching the fundamentals of skin care and advanced skin treatments, I also instruct classes that cover topics such as communication skills, professional image, career planning, and business skills that include promoting, retailing, customer service, and how to create a business plan. Whether in my private practice or at the Academy, I always encourage my clients to Face the Day Empowered With Personal Style!

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