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My name is Angela Smutek. My professional title is President at Clean Motives. I have always had an interests in healthy living and healthy skin! I have made my own products for years now and am so happy to share my gift of knowledge concerning herbs and oils. There are not only anti-aging factors but my products work wonders for sensitive skin. These special compounds are not only organic and all-natural but the ingredients used will pull heavy metals, free radicals, and other pollutants out of the skin.

​​​​​Clean Motives is an all natural organic skin care company; that captures the essence of the soul, by using compounds that nourish and promote regeneration of skin cells. My goal as a Holistic Nutrition Specialist is to bring awareness to the pollutants our skin is exposed to daily, and the harsh chemicals we introduce by product application. My products are made by hand and I only use pure, organic, and all-natural ingredients. These compounds will regenerate, heal, nourish and protect skin by pulling heavy metals, free radicals, and other pollutants out of the skin. These amazing products are packed full of vitamins, nutrients, anti-oxidants, age fighting agents, and many other healing properties. I not only use these products; I personally stand by my years of research, 100%.
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