Angela Kelly Robeck

Emotional Fitness Coaching for Educational Leaders

About Me

My name is Angela Kelly Robeck. I'm a certified life coach who helps elementary principals navigate the challenges of school leadership by building their emotional and mental fitness.

I've been in almost every seat on the bus in a school district and I understand the struggles, the hardships, and the frustration that comes with leading a school. Principals are expected to be in charge of everything and on top of everything and everyone at all times - often times with little to no training or support.

After my first year as a principal, I sought out as many resources as possible. I wanted to learn not only the skills of how to be a great principal, but how to manage the way I felt as a principal. I was faced with intense criticism and public judgment. I was being held accountable for actions that were not my own. I was expected to be perfect and people please, even when it was not in the best interest of students. I never found a resource that was there to support me as a school leader.

My mission has become to be that resource. To listen, to understand, to guide, to coach, and to help principals feel empowered to share their voice and question the status quo. School leaders need support in finding emotional resiliency in order to maintain quality leadership. I am here to lead the way.

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