Angela Ackerman

Founding Principal - Social Butterfly Management Group, LLC

About Me

Utilizing experience in consultation, data analysis, facilitation, behavior modification, entrepreneurship, and change management
- to help make data-based human factored decisions and directives,
- for a holistic approach to pain-points towards industry potential profit growth,
- to increase organizational effectiveness and promote positive culture and dynamics
for personal & professional growth across industries .

By blending a background in Industrial Organizational Psychology undergraduate and Behavioral Economics graduate education and professional experience as a 5-time micro-business owner spanning over 20 years with a systems thinking perspective and a firm foundation in quantitative methods with an underpinning of neuroscience to add significant business value
- to organizations to be their #BusinessDoctor
- to professionals as their #PersonalBrandExpert
using my trademarked "Tool Kit".

MindFit: The Psychology of Success
Acknowledging the balance of fixed and growth mindsets needed for raw success.

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