Andrea Templon

Andrea Templon & friends, Stained Glass Canoe | Music Coordinator

About Me

Extreme passion regarding bringing fantastic musicianship to any event or venue...large or small. Genres range from Jazz/Swing/R&B to Rock/Americana/Blues. There will be a song ( or a band ) for everyone that will create a memory, a vision, a mood.

I have over 30 years of experience in the music industry from the ground up. I am my own Booking Agent (open to booking assistance) with a multitude of professional musician contacts and a "go getter" attitude towards life. An artist that loves to work with and be aware of the needs of other people! With a background in Public Relations, a strong business sense, and a need to make things work for everyone involved!

Also surrounded by other creative minds whom I would provide to you upon our brainstorming and networking sessions.

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