Andrea Slominski, MA

Owner Midlife Re-Boot!

About Me

My name is Andrea Slominski. I am a skilled speaker for women's groups, and a workshop facilitator. My expertise also includes personal and group coaching. I earned my Masters' degree - and am currently pursuing my Ph.D - from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

In my business, I empower women who are approaching, in the midst of, or at post-midlife, to understand why they are in potentially the most productive and powerfully transformative phase of their lives. I help women learn how they can use this stage of life to recreate themselves, their careers, their relationships and their lives.

Have you had a Midlife wake-up call? Have you had that dream that sets you on a new path? Are you asking yourself "those" questions that we all ask ourselves at one time or another: " Is this it?" "Did I miss the boat?" "How did I end up here?" "I know I don't want to do this anymore, but I'm not sure what's next?" "Why am I angry all time?" "Why am I so unhappy?" "Everything is changing, the kids are gone, now what?"

My dream and big questions encouraged me to go to graduate school and change my life. While in school I discovered what I call "The treasure map of the human psyche," it gives us guideposts along the path of life, advising us about what's next and how we get there.

I am passionate about guiding women to understand that aging and menopause are not diseases, despite what society tells us. This life stage is, in fact, the time of life in which women are designed to psychologically grow fully into themselves.

I focus on helping women to re-discover their own passions and their authentic, soulful selves, so often put on the back burner during the householder and career years.

My work is about women uncovering the life stories or personal myths that have been influencing their feelings, relationships and choices for decades, inviting them to leave behind the baggage that no longer serves them, help them begin to create the next chapters of their lives, their life story.

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