Andie Campanella Henrich

ACH Professional Services | President

About Me

Andie was a Client Solution Executive of IBM’s Consulting division in Latin America until November 2013.

Client Solution Executives are responsible for successfully selling and negotiating one-of-a-kind complex transformational engagements. These opportunities are usually very complex in nature as they combine business processes and IT components into a single coherent solution which requires the interaction among several IBM brands. It also requires financial, contractual and legal acumen to manage and lead the development of proposals.

Before rejoining the Consulting area, she worked also as an Executive at the Business Process Outsourcing division of IBM for 5 years.

Previously, she acted as Industry Business Developer in the Distribution Sector, providing clients “multi-branding” business solutions based on 3 main drivers: ROI maximization, risk management and mitigation and focus on market demands.

For more than 10 years Andrea was part of the IBM Consulting area, performing leading roles in the Management Consulting business. The last 5 years were spent managing regional / global strategic and transformational programs.

Her career began on 1996 in the Auditing division of Coopers & Lybrand in Buenos Aires, where she worked for 2 years; then she joined the consulting division, further merged with Price Waterhouse and ultimately acquired by IBM.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Andie speaks Spanish as her native language and is fluent in English and Portuguese. She has a degree in Economics from the Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Specialties: Complex transformational initiatives and multi-country projects for regional/global companies; multi-cultural environments; innovative initiatives based on cutting-edge technology.

In 2015 she launched an e-commerce initiative to sell a high end anti-aging line of products by Jeneusse, a company that combines breakthrough sciences in a product system that enhances youth by working at the cellular level. Through this project, I have leveraged a new way of reaching clients through the use of technology and by creating a virutal sales team.

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